Opportunities to Serve God

God has given us many gifts and talents; he calls each of us to use these and serve to others as a way to praise him. The following is a list of opportunities to serve God through St John Lutheran Church. For more details, see the Newsletter. Submit your information online now! 

St. John Fall Festival

St. John Lutheran Church is seeking vendors for our upcoming Fall Festival, Saturday, September 6th 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.  Contact the church for more information.

August 2014 Newsletter

See the August newsletter attached below.  Announcements can be found  Here

July 2014 Newsletter

See the July newsletter attached below.  Announcements can befound  Here

Vacation Bible School

Join us at Wilderness Escape VBS, where we will explore what life was like for the ancient Israelites.  They've escaped slavery in Egypt...but now what?

Dedication Sunday

Dedication Sunday is scheduled to recognize the changes to St. john and the remodeling that has transformed the structure and foundation of St. John.  

June 2014 Newsletter

See the June newsletter attached below.  Announcements can be found  Here

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